mardi 2 septembre 2014

A Pocket Full Of Rye, at Rye Sussex.

For her birthday, my sister decided to go on day trip to the southern town of Rye. I followed blindly, as to me only bread could be rye.
We arrived to a small station, on a windy sunny day, our backpacks full of M&NS and sketch books.
What a cute town !!! You can walk from one end to the other in 10 min, so tiny! Rye is filled with charming cottages, antique shops, tea rooms, and a castle.
Our cameras never stopped flashing, to capture the houses with exposed beams. We couldn't help looking through the windows of the cottages. It felt like a set up for one of those British TV Shows that I love !  A big amount of antiques shop were just following each others, on the winding streets.
It was hard to resits to the multiple treasure they were containing.
I manage to find a lovely curved umbrella, with a bamboo handle. 
A jazz festival was happening over the weekend, so we were quite lucky to witness a few groups playing in the streets. It gave such a nice atmosphere to the town. 

Nice found in a local charity shop.

Clive seems to be quite specimen !

We had an average breakfast in The Apothecary. The cafe is quite vast, with a very nice set up and decoration. But maybe don't go for the food that include bread, we were a bit disappointed by it. The cakes looked much better.

In the local museum of Rye. 

I was so happy to be able to wear the short I made, with the intention to wear during my weekend in Devon.
Cardigan, worn backward:  Topshop
Short: hand made
Shirt, sandals, umbrella, backpack, sunglasses: vintage
Socks: M&S

I was surprised to find out that Henry James lived in Rye for quite a long time ( I didn't researched anything about the town before hand, not good , not good). But as our wallet had emptied due to vintage purchases, that we left the exploring of the writer's house to another visit.

The people in Rye are funny folks !

vendredi 29 août 2014

A little weekend in Tiverton, Devon

After a while living in the UK, I am just starting to explore the English country side. Yes, there is curiosity beyond Shoreditch and Dalston ;). That's how I found myself dipping my feet in the cold sea of a Devon beach some time in August (that weekend when the summer suddenly flew away).

What a pretty place !! Villages, cottages nearby rivers and seas, historical castle (check out my post on the extraordinary Knighthayes Court), cream tea, and more.
Having a car is indispensable in this part on the country, if you want to go from one village to another, to a beach, to a tea room, to a coast, to a light house. We had the British musicals album going loud in our speakers, singing along the narrow and winding road of Devon. It was so lay-back and joyful, I loved it.
We drove to Exmoor national park, where the hills are bare, with small heath bushes, and wild horses !! The wind was blowing hard, due to this wanna-be hurricane that stopped us to go sailing. I felt I could be in a Charlotte Bronte novel. 

hair-seaweed, I love the colors.

Shade of Grey.

We went to the Cheristow Lavender tea rooms. As you can guess, they were crazy about lavender there. Everything was purple, even the wall of the house, which is not the best color.  But the scones were delicious, organic, and no too lavender tasty.

 Knighthayes Court !!!!

The most oldest bridges of ever !! So bucolic !  The water is really low at this part of the river, and the road is going from each part of it. You can actually cross it, if you're equipped with a 4x4, which we weren't. So no JamesBond-like adventure moment for us !